We Bring Inspiration to Every Space

Our designers artfully blend style and quality to complement your lifestyle. By pairing high-quality furnishings, award-winning design services, and an unmatched dedication to excellence, we help you create beautiful spaces that inspire you.

Our collections are inspired by iconic environments. We combine an authentic mix of natural beauty and modern design elements, which respect the broadly diverse and unique characteristics found throughout California. We bring your style and personality to life by designing spaces that bring you into your element.

SF Loft Collection

This collection embraces today’s urban lifestyle with easy surfaces. Rich woods, treated metals, clean lines and warm urban-industrial accents create interesting modern spaces. Highly functional, yet highly stylish, this collection combines natural elements with rough-hewn surfaces, clean glass, the richness of original brick and natural light to produce an urban sanctuary for work and living.See More

Tahoe Collection

Reflective of clear blue water, fresh mountain air, beautiful tree-filled vistas and natural stone, this collection wraps you in comfort as you escape life’s demands. Subdued lighting, chunky fabrics, soft leathers, and warm touches bring balance and a solid earthiness to each piece while remaining modern, fresh and functional.See More

Napa Collection

The ultimate in casual luxury, our Napa collection captures wine country’s inviting atmosphere and storied heritage.

From fine linens to toasted woods and natural fiber rugs, this collection invites you to sit down and enjoy a glass. Soft accents, candlelight, art and natural cuttings from the garden make it easy to have a conversation with friends and loved ones, share time, tell stories and enjoy one another’s company.See More

Farmhouse Collection

The abundance of life, the smell of the garden, the warmth of candles, wicker and cotton create the foundation for our farmhouse collection. This lifestyle of natural comfort, welcome hospitality and comfortable fabrics embrace your quiet sense of creating something all your own. The collection speaks of family and friends and great food served with laughter and love. It’s a collection you will want to come home to.See More

Santa Barbara Collection

Sea air, bright sunshine and warm afternoons are reflected in the rich woods, substantial furnishings and comfortable colors of this collection. Inspired by California missions, this collection borrows from early traditions of clay pots, terracotta tiles and natural fiber chairs. Citrus, bougainvillea, and laughter fill the air as friends and family stop by for a refresher on a lazy afternoon.

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