” I stopped into California Living, everything in this store is AMAZING- and there’s so much to choose from! Everywhere you look there’s another big, dramatic mirror or sconce or a perfect end table. The furniture is unbelievable, and since they make it all themselves (right here in America) they can put any finish, fabric, height, length, depth or whatever on it. Eric and Andrew really know what they’re talking about and are clearly passionate about their work.

I highly recommend that anybody in the market for furniture, accessories, or even just some really good advice should visit them. Their enthusiasm is contagious and now I love having people over to see my cool new stuff. ”

Richard S.
San Francisco, California

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Tahoe Collection

This collection brings all the relaxation, beauty and sophistication of a modern mountain home. Reflective of clear blue water, fresh mountain air, beautiful tree-filled vistas and natural stone, this collection wraps you in comfort as you escape life’s demands.

Subdued lighting, chunky fabrics, soft leathers and warm touches bring balance and a solid earthiness to each piece while remaining modern, fresh and functional.

  • Plush furniture is offset by exposed woods and stone.
  • Rich leathers reflect the colors of nature.
  • Fixtures of thick glass, unpolished metals and natural fibers.
  • Thick rugs add pops of color and patterns of the outdoors.